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Posted on Mar 7, 2012 in Ministry

This afternoon I got a phone call from a probation officer in Elgin, IL asking me about setting up a cover-up appointment for one of her assigned clients. The PO then ran down the list of 3 tattoos needs to cover up…a pitchfork on his finger, street name on his forearm and another large pitchfork on his shoulder blade, the mark of the Satans Disciples. She told me that he was recently released from a juvenile detention center where he was brutally assaulted by members of his former gang. He had turned his back on one of his former friends while in juvenile detention and the rest of his gang on the outside were aleted to it and put in orders to kill him. His family was forced to move away from their old neighborhood to save their son and quite honestly, themselves from the SD’s. The good news is that this boy is back in school now, more than an hour away from his old hood and old “friends” and HE WANTS TO CHANGE. That’s the biggest part of the journey of saving this boys life.

In Illinois as with most other states, the legal age for tattooing is 18 and there are severe repercussions to the artist for tattooing anyone younger than 18. I had to put the PO and his parents to work to get the necessary permissions from the PO Dept Head and the Judge. I’m certain we’ll be able to get that within a week and I’ll get these old tags covered just as soon as I get that approval.

These gangs keep targeting kids as young as 7 and 8, when will it end??? Luckily this young boy will have the opportunity to make things right, most gang members die before they make a decision to save a life, their own.

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