New to INK 180 – NeoMagLight IPL Tattoo REMOVAL

Posted on Jul 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

NeoMagLight IPLI’m very proud to announce that Ink 180 has partnered with NeoMagLight IPL Tattoo Removal to offer tattoo removals in addition to the cover up options we’ve been providing. I first learned about their device when I was thumbing through Tattoo Magazine on my flight down to Haiti last month. I cornered the page and made a note to call them when I returned to the States. I made that call and spoe to Kevin in Sales because I wanted to get some information about the safety of their device around the eyes because I see so many facial tattoos (tear drop, cuca dots etc.). I explained to Kevin what exactly the Ink 180 Ministry is all about and he got excited right away and wanted me to talk to Nick, the Owner. I spoke to Nick and his response was “THANK GOD”….after a few seconds of wondering what he meant by that he explained that he too worked with Youth Groups and kids at risk and that he had been looking for someone doing what Ink 180 does to work with. They ended up donating the equipment to Ink 180 and I will be working with them to offer my feedback and suggestions for modifications. This was obviously a HUGE Blessing because it has made me feel like I wasn’t crossing the finish line on some of these coverups because I covered the tattoos on their arms legs etc, but they still had hand, neck or facial tattoos sometimes. Now we can cross the finish line EVERY TIME thanks to Kevin and Nick and their team at

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  1. Misty
    May 5, 2013

    Dearest Ink 180,
    I believe you are the answer to many, many prayers of mine throughout the years! I have several gang related tattoos from my teen years, that i did not want or do myself. Although, i have had to live with them as well as, the shame of them from other people all this time. I am a single mother still going through college classes and working in the healthcare field. But, when people see the tattoos, do not want to work with me, or even speak to me! They actually kind-of shy away from me, or ask to speak to someone else! I have wanted to just die so i didn’t have to live this way, or have my children’s teachers, friends and friends’ parents not want us around because they don’t take the time to get to know me/ us before they’ve made they’re judgements about who we are and where i have come from. I am praying you can help me/ us! Because to be honest you are our last hope! I have tried doing it every other way to no avail. Either because of finances, or not being the type of candidate they want. Please help us!!! We are desperately needing you and your services! I can’t lose more jobs, friends, my child’s friends, etc., because of this any longer! I have even thought of trying to cut them out! That’s how desperate i’ve become through the years of dealing with this! I thought i’d rather have massive scars than these! But, i just couldn’t do that… besides, i knew God had a plan for me, for this situation, and i now believe you are that plan! Thank you so very much for your consideration! I do trully appreciate it, we all do!


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