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Back about 8 months ago as I sat in a meeting with the State Health Department about opening our facility an interesting question was posed by them…”wouldn’t it be cool if you guys could have a mobile unit to be able to go to people who can’t get down to your shop?”. My initial response was “I would LOVE that but that’s something waaaayyyyy down the road”. We were so tight on money just to open the shop.

Since that time, we’ve prayed a lot about it and have been blessed by Dan and Debra who just donated their RV to INK 180 last Saturday!!!

Ink 180 Mobile StudioWe are going to take this amazing blessing, completely rework the interior to set it up for tattooing and tattoo removal. We will then be able to take this ministry on the road!! We’ll have days every month where we take the unit up to the inner city of Chicago. Areas like Englewood, Pilsen and Austin to be able to remove and cover several gang tattoos per day. We will also be able to take this unit to conventions, events and speaking engagements all over the country.

To say the least, this gift is a complete GAME CHANGER!! We are so very grateful! The list of modifications includes a full vehicle wrap, new flooring, new wall panels and headliner, removing the oven and countertop to create space, new upholstery and additional lighting.Interior Ink 180 Mobile Studio

We will begin reaching out to companies who we buy our supplies from to look for sponsorship opportunities. In exchange for those sponsorships, we will be adding their logos and info to the vehicle wrap we’re having installed. Our plan is to do all of the work on the vehicle throughout the winter months and have it ready to roll in the spring of 2014.

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