INK 180 August 2012 Update

Posted on Aug 28, 2012 in Updates

WOW, the word is spreading like wildfire and it’s good to take a breath and
count the blessings going on around INK 180. We’re getting close to the big GO
LIVE DATE for BIG LIFE Community Church on 9/9 at Oswego East High School. We’ve
been working hard to help get the word out and it’s been great to see new people
at each of the preview events. We just finished doing 72 sex trafficking tattoo
coverups/removals. It feels great to have that project completed and allow
the women involved to start the long process of moving forward. Every day I meet
or discover a new organization that is doing great work in the fight against
human trafficking. I am excited to announce that I have several upcoming
speaking engagementsĀ  and events for INK 180. Please join us for the following if you are in
the area.

Naperville Independent Film Festival September 19th @ 7pm at Classic Cinemas 6, Naperville IL
STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING NOW dinner September 20th @ 7pm, Tokyo Bay Restaurant, Naperville IL
STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING NOW walk on September 22nd, Montgomery IL
Willow Creek Human Trafficking Forum- November 21st, South Barrington IL

I’m talking with Reclaiming Souls Worldwide and the Repo-Men who are doing great work with street ministry in the Carolinas about starting a chapter here in Chicago and leading it. We are going to be setting upĀ  INK 180 offices in Greenville and Charlotte, NC!!! I want INK 180 offices in every state to provide FREE coverup tattoos to the victims of human trafficking and former gang members who are leaving thier old lives in the past to become a new creation and live their lives in a whole new way.

I will be adding a new “EVENTS” page to keep you posted on all of the latest events INK 180 will be participating in.

Thanks as always for the support, God Bless!!

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