I gave my first INK 180 TV News Interview today

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 in Ministry, News

I’d like to welcome you to the INK 180 Blog. Today was a huge day for me and INK 180 because I gave my first television news interview with WGN News today. The story is going to be edited this week and will air sometime next week. They told me that they’ll let me know when, 24 hours in advance so I will be sure to post that info as soon as I get it.

Today, as  part of the interview, I did a coverup for a former gang member from Chicago. The stories I hear when I do these cover-ups are always very gut wrenching but my client today really struck me. He’s been out of the gang life for over 10 years and has made the changes necessary to leave his gang life in the rearview mirror and has become a great man. Among the many interesting stories he told me today, the one that rocked me was about when he was shot 8 times by someone with anAK-47. He was hit in the arms, legs, back and even once in the face, YES, THE FACE. I don’t care who you are or what the circumstances are, if you get shot 8 times AND LIVE, God intervened on your behalf. I know that God had a plan for his life and had alot more work for him to do before his life on earth was over. He talks with kids about staying out of gangs and rescued his younger brother from the same gang that he was a part of. He went to the leader and confrnted him by saying “This gang dies with ME, not my brother or anyone else in my family”. Then, like nearly everyone who ever leaves a gang, he moved his brother out of state but i’m happy to report that  he’s doing well in his new surroundings and is going to college.

God is GREAT, He’s full of mystery and He has a plan for each and every one of us. We’re all the same in His eyes and we are all capable of change and redemption. If you’ve made bad choices in the past, no matter what they are, nail those mistakes to the cross and become a new creation that serves Him and the community.

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