Don’t doubt the power of God to change a heart….

Posted on Aug 30, 2013 in Ministry, Tattoos, Uncategorized

Three months ago, I was invited to the PADS Office on the south side of Chicago to speak to the clients there about the services that we provide.. During that meeting, I met a young man named Marques. Marques was a former gang member who was working with my friend Kat to turn his life around. He didn’t have any gang tattoos to cover, but instead something I hadn’t seen before. The gang he was in has a ritual they did whenever you would shoot at someone…..they would take the still hot, shell casing and press it against their skin to cause a scar.


Kat called me last week and had a sense of urgency in her tone and asked if I could cover the scars on Marques’ arm right away. I said, “yes definitely, what’s going on?” What she told me next brought tears to my eyes….”We’re

driving Marques to Dekalb on Friday to move him into the dorms at NIU”. I get so frustrated when I hear people say “oh, so and so will NEVER change”. We are all capable of change and I am blessed to get to have a front row seat to see Him work in people’s hearts eve

ry single day.

Please keep Marques in your prayers as he starts this exciting new chapter in his life. Nothing is impossible and he is going to do BIG THINGS in this world.

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