Welcome to (P)INK 180!!!

Posted on Oct 2, 2013 in Ministry, Tattoos

Welcome to (P)INK 180!!! I am donating 25% of the proceeds from every tattoo I do to the American Cancer Society.

Don’t doubt the power of God to change a heart….

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Three months ago, I was invited to the PADS Office on the south side of Chicago to speak to the clients there about the services that we provide.. During that meeting, I met a young man named Marques. Marques was a former gang member who was working with my friend Kat to turn his life around. He didn’t have any gang tattoos to cover, but instead something I hadn’t seen before. The gang he was in ...

INK 180 Mobile Unit

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Back about 8 months ago as I sat in a meeting with the State Health Department about opening our facility an interesting question was posed by them…”wouldn’t it be cool if you guys could have a mobile unit to be able to go to people who can’t get down to your shop?”. My initial response was “I would LOVE that but that’s something waaaayyyyy down the road”. We were so tight on money just to open ...

Grand Opening of our brand new INK 180 Tattoo and Ministry HQ in Oswego, IL

Posted on May 6, 2013 in News, Studio, Updates

Time for me to get back to regularly updating the blog….Where do I begin?? Well, I am proud to announce the Grand Opening of our brand new INK 180 Tattoo and Ministry HQ in Oswego, IL. We’ve been open for just about a month now and the business side of INK 180 has really taken off. I was out of commission for 2 months with a broken wrist so I’m playing catchup on the non-profit side ...

Sex Rebranded – A Men’s Event

Posted on Mar 26, 2013 in Education, Events

Men, come join me, Traffick Free and CAASE next Monday night, 4/1 at 22thirty9 at 2239 Michigan Avenue at 7pm to learn more about addressing the demand for human trafficking…Men.  We will be starting to have real conversations to build awareness and foster change. Fellas bring your buddies & co-workers. Ladies, if you were invited and believe that human trafficking is not a women’s issue, but a human issue, send an invite to your husbands and ...

INK 180 August 2012 Update

Posted on Aug 28, 2012 in Updates

WOW, the word is spreading like wildfire and it’s good to take a breath and count the blessings going on around INK 180. We’re getting close to the big GO LIVE DATE for BIG LIFE Community Church on 9/9 at Oswego East High School. We’ve been working hard to help get the word out and it’s been great to see new people at each of the preview events. We just finished doing 72 sex trafficking tattoo ...